House of Bruar
You may not find this name on many tourist itinerary lists and to me that is a good thing. But if you find yourself in need of a fix of up-market shopping, there is certainly no better place than this and given the surrounding area, probably no other place at all. The House of Bruar once called itself “The Harrods of the Highlands,” and in my estimation, they might not be wrong. The difference, of course, is in the stress placed on the “Highlands” element as the store is a collection of all things fine and Scottish from beautiful wool garments to the most luxurious hunting kit, tartan fabrics of all of the Scottish clans, fine whiskies, Caithness glass and all sort and sundry of other luxurious essentials.

Take time to browse through the various store departments after entering via the food hall (again featuring a wide selection, but with a certain emphasis on local fare) and perhaps top off the visit with a meal in the restaurant. The store itself is large, but somehow manages to feel as cozy as a gabled bedroom. I just love this place and if you’re on the road North to Inverness, doing a tour of castles and other attractions, I can think of no better place to take in indulgent pause and relax and enjoy all that Scotland has to offer. Meg Via






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