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There are many fantastic views you can get of the British Isles and observing the green and pleasant land from the sea is certainly one of them. Sailing off the shores of the UK is terrific fun and offers a different perspective of the wonderful landscape all over the UK. As you would expect with an island nation there are many sailing clubs here with visitors welcome to take trips along the coastlines. 

Britain has a great tradition of sailors throughout history from Sir Francis Drake to Horatio Nelson, and in more recent times the likes of Dame Ellen MacArthur have helped promote sailing in the country. There is also a great tradition of sailing regattas with Cowes week at the Isle of Wight a particular highlight. 

This is a fun pastime for many different reasons as holidaymakers can sit back and enjoy the sun, look out for wildlife, try some sea fishing or take sailing lessons. All the options are available to visitors in the UK, whether they take to the waters off the Cornish coast or sail around the Scottish Isles.  



Sailing holidays can be a real hands-on experience as they enable you to be working crew members on brigs, brigantines, schooners, pilot cutters, trading ships, sailing trawlers and even rowing boats. This doesn’t mean you have to be an experienced sailor as anyone can join in the fun with beginners getting tuition along the way. 

Lessons can be provided for people of all ages with half day, weekend or week long courses on the art of sailing. These are offered around the country in places such as Caernarfon in North Wales, Ipswich in Suffolk or Southampton in the south of England. 

However, if you want to let someone else do the work as you relax and take in the views and soak up the sun, then that’s fine too. The western shores of the UK are particularly good for spotting wildlife including whales, dolphins, turtles or jellyfish. Some of these creatures are swept up from as far as the Caribbean by ocean currents. 

Sailing isn’t limited to just the coastal waters as many opportunities exist on Britain’s inland waters with equally fantastic scenery all around. The Norfolk Broads is one of the most popular boating holiday destinations in England and has some great expanses of water for sailing. This is a particularly good place for bird spotting from the comfort of a sailing boat as well as spotting butterflies, dragonflies and other creatures. 





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