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Skiing is one of the most exhilarating sports and is of course hugely popular during the winter months across Europe. An increasingly popular destination for this fine winter activity is Scotland, which is home to several ski slopes. Anyone from beginners to expert skiers will enjoy tackling the slopes and taking in the wonderful views that Scotland has to offer in winter. 

Filling your lungs with wonderful mountain air as you ski down the slopes is a great experience. Scotland offers slopes such as the Nevis Range, Glencoe, Glenshee, Cairngorm and The Lecht. People of all ages can get lessons and hire all the necessary equipment at the resorts. 



Perhaps surprisingly there are ski resorts in England as well, albeit they are not quite as sophisticated as the ones in Scotland or in Europe. However, they still provide great fun with tow ropes hauling skiers back to the top of the slopes. The four ski slopes are all in the north of England with two in the county of Northumberland and two in Cumbria. 

Even further south there are real snow slopes in places such as Castleford in Yorkshire and as far down as Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire. These slopes have additional activities such as tobogganing, swimming, ten pin bowling amongst others providing a great fun day out for families. 

These days, skiing is a year round activity with dry ski slopes and indoor centres open across the UK. Making a visit to the dry ski slopes and indoor facilities gives skiers excellent practice prior to heading to the outdoor slopes, but also provide great fun in their own right. Whether it is downhill skiing or ski boarding you want to practice, it can all be done at the ski centres around the UK. 

There are dozens of dry slopes in England, Scotland and Wales, meaning you are rarely very far from one. This is fantastic for small children and beginners, who can learn to ski on the nursery slopes and generally build up confidence prior to taking a skiing holiday. Several can be found in the north east of Scotland for example, while visitors to south Wales will find quite a few slopes there too. 

A visit to the ski slopes of Britain is a fantastic way to get your skiing or snowboarding fix anytime of the year. It is also a lot cheaper than taking a skiing holiday at the European ski resorts.





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