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Sleeper cars on trains are small travelling hotels that combine the convenience of travelling and sleeping at the same time which is a great time saver. Although not common in Western Europe, with just one in the UK between London and Scotland, there are plenty of basic sleeper trains in India and China, as well as some more comfortable ones in the USA and Australia. They originate from the 1800s when they were a popular form of transport for the wealthy. Sleeper cars on trains are mostly popular with travellers as a way of getting around to see more of a country, while people on business also find sleeper trains convenient for their needs.

The benefit of travelling using a sleeper train is that you go to sleep in one area and wake up somewhere completely different, which eliminates the extra expense of separate travel and hotel costs.


Sleeper Cars On Trains

All sleeper trains have private bedrooms with an upper and lower berth in standard class and just one lower berth in first class, as well as a washbasin with hot and cold water, although the toileting facilities are communal.

It’s important to remember that if you’re travelling alone you’re likely to be sharing a room with another person. Each bed comes with a duvet, sheets and pillows, and some more luxurious sleeper trains include toiletries packs. You’ll receive morning tea or coffee as well as a light breakfast. There is also a lounge car on sleeper trains that is a large communal area with sofas and chairs where you can also buy drinks and meals. It’s important to remember that the whole sleeper train doesn’t always go to the same place, many often split apart in the middle of the journey and head off in different directions, so you should always check before you board. Safety is also paramount on sleeper trains, always keep valuables with you and lock your door in the night.






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