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The idea of falling asleep under the stars with nature all around you sounds like perfection, the beauty of having the option of sleeping wherever you want is certainly something that attracts so many people. The great thing about sleeping outside is that you can really make the most of the beautiful surroundings, but you should always respect these surroundings and clear up after yourself.

Generally popular with travellers, sleeping rough isn’t for everyone but it’s obviously the cheapest form of accommodation, as it’s free of charge and gives you great versatility in your travelling. However, the idea of sleeping rough is not always as amazing as it sounds. It’s vital that you remember that sleeping on beaches is often illegal in many countries and you can get into trouble.


Then there’s the obvious safety aspect of both yourself and your belongings, many people hear horror stories of being robbed and assaulted while sleeping rough, so when possible you should stay with a group of friends for safety, but if you are sleeping alone then keep your wits about you. You should also consider what the weather is like, you might be lucky to be somewhere where the nights are warm and dry, but you need to think what you’d do if there was a sudden downpour or the temperature dropped during the night.

Of course, your experience of sleeping rough outside depends where you choose, there are so many places that you could sleep rough including beaches, vineyards, forests and riverbanks, although you could also find some more secluded places with shelter like caves and barnyards. If you love the idea of sleeping rough whether it’s on a beach or the wilderness but are worried about safety then perhaps you could consider camping or renting a beach hut in one of these areas, by doing that it means you have much safer accommodation for both yourself and your belongings and you’re away from the elements. You can rent a beach hut or camp for very little per night so should not be costly. 






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