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Snowdon is Yr Wyddfa in Welsh and is the highest mountain in Wales. In legend Snowdon is the tomb of the ogre Rita Gawr who killed kings, that is until King Arthur climbed the mountain and killed him.  Snowdon stands 1,085 metres (3,560 feet) high. It has six main routes to the summit and requires preparation and the correct walking equipment. The mountain takes around six hours to go up and down, and it is possible to go up one route and come down another as Sherpa buses in the area ferry people about.

The Watkins Path is the steepest route up Snowdon and is 3 ½ miles long. The top part of this walk goes across scree and can be challenging. The Llanberis Route is one of the longest routes at 10 miles but probably the easiest way up and there are views of the Snowdon Mountain railway en route. The Pyg Track is a popular route at 3 ¼ miles and starts at the same place as the Miners Track. Whist the Pyg Track is an easier route the Miners Track starts as a straightforward path and then gets a lot steeper towards the summit.

There is the Snowdon Ranger Track which starts at the Youth Hostel in the area and is a fairly easy route, and the Beddegelert Track which   starts at the South Snowdon Station of the West Highland Railway. Another non walking route of course, is to take the mountain railway to the top where there is a restaurant and viewing point. On a clear day it is said that the four countries of the United Kingdom can be seen from Snowdon’s summit.

Another classic route up Snowdon is to complete the Snowdon Horseshoe which starts at Pen Y Pass and is one of Britain’s most famous high mountain walking challenges. This route passes the famous youth hotel at Pen Y Pass where many a famous mountaineer has slept, carries on to the Pyg Track and then to the stile at Bwlch y Moch before climbing the steep ascent to the imposing ridge Crib Goch. With steep drops each side this is a challenging and hazardous walk across the ridge and care needs to be taken.

In parts there is scrambling to do across Crib Goch which has been likened to a knife edge. Once across there is another scramble up Garnedd Ugain  where you will meet the Pyg Track once more and then arrive at Snowdon’s summit. From the top you then follow a South West path which takes in Rhyd Ddu, South Ridge and Watkin Paths. Descend through the steep scree of the Watkins Path and then take the path towards Y Lliwedd which finally arrives at Lliwedd Bach and Lynn Llydaw before rejoining the Miners Route for the final descent.







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