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The small village of Staffin is one Scotland’s most overlooked gems, a beautiful place in one of the most spectacular landscapes that can be found in the British Isles.

Situated on the northern coast of the glorious and famous island of Skye, Staffin is little known other than in archaeological circles where it is famous for being one of the oldest such sites in existence. There are many mysteries with this ancient and legendary place, and being as remote as it is there is no major road access; the A855 is the road in and out.


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Staffin is important in historical terms as the archaeological explorations have uncovered evidence of civilization at the site known as An Corrant that dates back to an incredible seven millennia BC, making this one of the earliest recorded examples of human life. This is why, despite its diminutive size and lack of notable facilities, it will remain a worthy place to visit for many more adventurous types.

The Staffin Museum, 6 Ellishadder, Staffin IV51 9JE (01470) 562321
This small community-based museum was founded in the 1970s by local man, Mr Dugald Ross. It was re-located to a 19th Century Free Church of Scotland schoolhouse in the 1990s.

Visitors can enjoy its excellent collection of geological and fossil specimens, including the leg bone of a large, long-necked Brontosaurus-type dinosaur.










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