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Many colleges and universities rent out their unoccupied student accommodation during the holidays when the students have returned home and no longer have contracts on the accommodation rather than it being left empty. Student rooms are often small with single beds, although others may have doubles, with storage and usually a private bathroom and shared kitchen area. Staying in student accommodation during holidays is the ideal alternative to private self catering rental for a short term stay.

You can choose to stay in university accommodation during the holidays for a couple of nights or weeks, which makes it especially popular with travellers, groups of friends and even those people on business.

Student accommodation during the holidays is usually available in the summer holidays from June to September, and occasionally some rooms maybe available over Easter from March until April and the Christmas period until early January. Although the majority will be close to major cities or towns and within walking distance of the centres and local amenities, you’ll also be able to stay in student accommodation during holidays in more rural locations if you do your research.

As they often have such great locations, staying in university accommodation during the holidays is a great way to explore the area and do some sightseeing without the expense of hotel room rates. The great thing about staying in college or university accommodation is that as they’re designed with students in minds there are plenty of amenities in the surrounding areas like shops, bars, restaurants, banks and nightclubs, and many universities also allow you to use their sports facilities, so you’ll have plenty to keep busy during your stay.












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