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When it comes to surfing most people think of the glamorous locations such as Hawaii or Bondai Beach in Australia. However, the UK boasts some excellent locations with ideal conditions for surfing the waves. 

What a fantastic sport it is too providing many thrills as you ride along the waves and soak up the sea air and sunshine. The best surfing is arguably found off the south west and west coasts of England and Wales, as there are miles of uninterrupted North Atlantic Ocean between these areas and the United States. However, there are other excellent locations on the east coast in the North Sea as well down in the Channel Islands of Jersey and Guernsey. 

The best known surf spot in the UK is probably Newquay in Cornwall, where there are places suitable for beginners as well as accomplished surfers.



The good climate enjoyed in the far south west of England is an additional attraction compared to colder water further north. A few hours of surfing, followed by a good seafood lunch and pint of local ale in one of the pubs is a great way to spend your day in Cornwall. 

For some really big swells to challenge even experienced surfers, Wales is probably the best place to go with a great selection of pubs and bars to relax in as well. Llangenith Beach in South Wales is very popular as it picks up any swell that’s going. However, there are lifeguards located here in the summer making it safe for beginners to try even if the waves are on the large side. 

Visitors to Scotland can enjoy a ride along the waves on a surfboard at a few destinations with Thurso one of popular resorts. Scotland has miles of unspoilt coastline and empty breaks stretching up into the Outer Hebrides. More experienced surfers with a sense of adventure may like to head to Scotland in winter and try the many challenging breaks. 

Surfing doesn’t have to be confined to the sea as there is an amazing phenomenon on one of the English Rivers that attracts surfers from around the country. The River Severn estuary has the second largest tidal range in the world with certain combinations of the tides helping to create what is known as the Severn Bore. It travels approximately 25 miles between Awre and Gloucester with the wave reaching up to two metres high and providing an extraordinary surfing experience.







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