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Swansea airport is located on the Gower Peninsula, Wales and is mainly used to handle light aircraft and private planes. A Wales Air ambulance is also housed here as well as police helicopters on occasion. A flight training school, The Cambrian Flying Club is based at the airport and tours of the Gower Peninsula can be booked by members of the public from the airport.

Swansea airport

A sky diving club also runs at the airport, part of the British Parachute Association.

The airport can be reached via the A4118 road, and is a 20 minute journey on local roads from the M4 –  but since it does not receive a large number of visitors the road network is adequate for its needs. An attempt at providing passenger flights did take place during the years 2001-2004 but the venture was not successful.

The Welsh Assembly Government is undertaking studies to see whether it could viably be run as a passenger airport but there is great local opposition to the idea.

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