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From its beginnings in 1994, T in the Park has become one of the best attended and most popular music festivals in the UK.  T in the Park which began at Strathclyde Country Park, now attracts over 80,000 fans each day over a three day period.  180 artists perform on eleven stages over the weekend and have included such names as The Killers, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day and Radiohead.  The festival continues to grow each year and is seen as a benchmark event throughout the music world. 

T in the Park

Getting to T in the Park is quite easy, especially if you need to come by air.  Three major airports including Glasgow Airport, Glasgow Prestwick and Edinburgh Airport all service central Scotland.  In addition, all airports offer transportation links into Glasgow and Edinburgh where connections to the festival can be made.  If you are coming from somewhere a little closer by, transportation by car is also possible.  However, you must purchase a car park ticket for £17.50 online.  If you don’t buy in advance, it will cost you more to purchase at the gate.   Coaches are also available running from 32 locations across Scotland including Bathgate, Edinburgh, Perth, St. Andrews, Whitburn and many more.  Connecting services are also available in cities such as London, Birmingham and Manchester.  Booking such coach trips are possible through sites such as Ticketmaster. 

For those looking for the ultimate festival experience, camping is the only way to go.  Weekend camping is possible, but you must have a ticket to participate.  All pitches are available on a first come, first serve basis so if you intend to camp near friends, you should all arrive together.  All camping equipment including tents, bedrolls, toiletries and clothing needs to be brought into the camp by campers themselves.         

If you don’t have a tent to bring, you can rent one at Tangerine Fields.  Here you can rent a ready-pitched and fully equipped tend that sleeps from two to six people.  Keep in mind that no campfires, barbecues, camping stoves, candles, gazeboes are allowed and all glass is prohibited.   In addition, showers have been brought back to the campsite.  There are also toilets available throughout the campgrounds as well as 24 hour stewards. 

Other events take place over the weekend at the festival in addition to all of the great music on various stages.  One of the more popular events takes place on Friday and is known as Fancy Dress Friday.  Here, one can find all kind of outlandish costumes ranging from impersonations of famous artists to characters from the big screen.  There is even a contest for the best dressed T in the Parkers who really go all out with their designs.  Other events include movies shown on the Thursday night of the festival as well as markets where you can get your shopping on all weekend long.  T in the Park also takes care of its patrons by providing food of a wide variety.  There is something for everyone with offerings from around the world.    




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