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There has been a definite decline in the number of public telephone boxes across the UK nowadays. Whereas just thirty years ago you could expect to find a famous red phone box in every small village in the country, today you may struggle to find such a facility. 


As well as the coin-operated telephone boxes having been removed, public telephones that work via a phone card are equally difficult to find. This is obviously all down to the fact that mobile telephones and the internet have led to a massive decline in the requirement for these phone services. Having said this though, in an attempt to appeal to the modern demands, some phone boxes are starting to offer email and texting services. 

If you are in a desperate need for a public telephone, nearly all pubs offer one and you shouldn’t struggle to find a service in a major public building.  

Using your mobile telephone within the UK should not present you with any problems at all. All urban areas provide an excellent signal. In the more remote parts of the UK you may well struggle to get a phone signal. Mobile phone companies are making every attempt to improve the distribution of signals across the nation but they are encountering a lot of opposition to masts being erected. Conveniently, top-ups for mobile phone credit can be obtained from most newsagents and supermarkets.  

The international dialling code for the United Kingdom is 0044. Within the country itself, all main towns have their own dialling code. This always starts with a zero and is usually followed by four other numbers (e.g. Plymouth (01752), Derby (01332). The largest cities in the country will have slightly different types of codes (e.g. Birmingham (0121) and Glasgow (0141). London is different again with the code (020) followed by either a 7 for central areas or an 8 for Greater London districts. 

If phoning the UK from abroad you would need to drop the zero at the front of the dialling code every time.  








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