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The Crab House Cafe is perched on the southern tip of Weymouth, at the top of the peninsula that stretches out to Portland. It is not the most elegant looking restaurant in the world but its interior and exterior decorations match its laid-back, friendly ambiance. With pink umbrellas waving in the winds that blow off Chesil Beach, picnic tables and an upended fishing boat in the garden, the Crab House Cafe is unpretentious to say the least. On a cool day customers can sit inside and watch fresh seafood being prepared in an open kitchen. On sunny days you can sit outside, under a pink umbrella, shading yourself from the sun with a hat chosen from the cafe’s “hat bar.”  

The food, unsurprisingly, is straight from the sea. The main feature, crab, comes two ways: either as a whole crab to crack or as a Chinese crab. Whichever way you have it the crabs are enormous, enough to easily fill a grown adult. If you are going to order the Chinese crab be sure to ask for some extra napkins. The sticky Chinese sauce tends to get everywhere. Each crab is served alongside a wooden board with your tools - a hammer, a cracker and a long, thin fork for poking out the flesh. If you are eating crab at the Crab House Cafe expect to spend a few hours bashing, cracking and poking at a crab. Eating a crab is certainly not for anyone who cares what they look like whilst eating. 

As well as crabs, the cafe has its own oyster farm and its oysters appear on the menu au naturale, italiano and country style. The cafe also has a tank room where you can select your fish and seafood and then have the chef prepare it how you like it.  

Tel: 01305 788 867 
Address: Ferrymans Way, Portland Road, Wyke Regis, Dorset, DT4 9YU  






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