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The Eden Project

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This vast site in Cornwall is the site of a former clay quarry. The project was established as a Landmark Millennium Project to mark the year 2000 in Britain. Its aim is to teach about the dependance we have on plant life, to support habitats, provide food and as a supplier of oxygen.     

The Eden Project

The giant iconic biomes, the round greenhouse domes, were inspired by the bubbles that the architect saw when he was washing dishes! These biomes each contain a different eco-system: the plants, insects and small creatures that occur naturally and live together. There is a Rainforest, Mediterranean and Outdoor biome. Each has a finely controlled temperature and humidity, which allows plants to flourish. 

Horticulture at Eden moves away from the traditional and proper way that plants are often exhibited. The Eden Project creates modern and sometimes amusing displays. Gardeners have sourced and planted over 100,000 plants from around the world. The various biomes display the plants in as close to their natural environment as possible. Attractions include the sausage tree, which produces sausage-shaped berries, the Compass Plant whose leaves turn to face the sun throughout the day, and the Soursop which produces giant fruit resembling conkers. 

For children there are playgrounds, nature trails, activities such as den-building, and sandpits. There are numerous cafes around Eden with a range of meals including vegetarian and vegan options.  

Visitors with wheelchairs can ask for details of the recommended routes around the Eden Project. There are wheelchairs available for loan, and by prior arrangement, a volunteer can assist during the visit, free of charge. The Land Train has a carriage for wheelchair users, and transports visitors around the site. For visually impaired visitors there are braille and audio guides, and there are many multi-sensory areas.  

There are certain hotels that are partners of The Eden Project. Staying with them means visitors are close to the site, and get discounted entry. The Eden Project can be reached by car, bus and train. Contact the Project for detailed information concerning hotels, directions, routes and timetables. 

Contact Details:

Eden Project,
St Austell,
PL24 2SG
Tel:01726 811 91 






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