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The Goods Shed, Canterbury

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The Goods Shed began life in 2002 as a covered market with a restaurant; since then it has expanded to become a food hall and has become renowned in the area for providing artisan food and drink. It was started as an initiative by local farmers, fishmongers, cider makers, vineyards, butchers and bakers. The aim was to set up a location where local producers could sell their produce at a fair price that was still cheaper for customers than shopping at the supermarket. The initiative claims that it has already help two farmers to move from the red back into the black.

The Goods Shed is located within an old Victorian railway shed beside Canterbury West Station. Just come out of the station, turn left and you are there.    

The high, arched ceiling allows for two floors. Upstairs, on a raised platform overlooking the market, is a restaurant which makes use of the produce in the market. While the menu upstairs is more in the mid-range, downstairs in the market is where you can eat on a budget. There are all of the usual trappings of a farmers’ market with a meat stand, fish shop and cheese stall specialising in British cheese. A long fruit and vegetable stall runs down the centre of the market. While doing your shopping there are a number of different food outlets which offer dishes to eat there and then: the Larder offers a selection of lunches “on a plate” which you can eat while wandering around. Enzo’s bakery has a wide selection of pizzas, cakes and bread; at Anna’s cakes you can buy traditional Portugese custard tarts and cheese cakes; and Johnny’s Sandwich offers a wide range of sandwiches, soups and pies. 
Tel: 01227 459 153 
Address: Station Road West, Canterbury, CT2 8AN 






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