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Thorpe Park is a theme park that is focussed big thrill rides. There is a separate area for young children to enjoy themselves, but the main attractions are the themed rollercoasters and water rides.     

Thorpe Park

The biggest crowd-puller is the SAW maze and SAW ride, based on the horror films, and featuring a 1000ft vertical drop. The Stealth rollercoaster reaches 80mph in under 2 seconds, and the Colossus is the UK's only quadruple rollercoaster, which means extremely tight corkscrew loops. Flying Fish is a much tamer rollercoaster, which serves as a good introduction to the theme park for children, or those of a nervous disposition! 

Aside from rollercoasters, there are thrill rides. Time Voyagers is a 4D adventure movie, which uses air, water, vibrations, sound and 3D effects to bring the movie to life. Water rides include a log flume, the fast-paced Rumba Rapids, and Depth Charge; a huge multi-lane water slide, allowing visitors to race their friends and family to the bottom.  

There are also lots of rides for young children, mainly located in the Octopus Garden. The Canada Creek Railway provides a relaxing and scenic ride, and there is a beach area exclusively for young families. Other attractions include shows and musical productions, a carousel and gentle water rides.   

Thorpe Park has a variety of specialised restaurants. Examples include BBQ, Asian, Caribbean, Mexican, English and American restaurants, plus many coffee shops and kiosks. There are also gift shops located around the park, with merchandise related to the various rides. 

All rides have information signs detailing any health or size restrictions. Disabled visitors can purchase discounted tickets, and may qualify for a queue jumper wristband, on production of documentary evidence.

Wheelchair, pram and locker hire are available, and there is a medical centre on site. An information centre provides guidance on rides and locations of the different attractions. 

Thorpe Park is in Surrey and easily accessible by road. The nearest train station is Staines Station, from which a bus shuttle service runs to the park. Contact the park for the latest travel information and routes. 

Contact Details:
Thorpe Park,
Staines Road,
KT16 8PN
Tel: 01932 577123 




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