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Tibits started life as a collaboration between three Swiss brothers and Europe’s oldest vegetarian restaurant, Hiltl (founded 1898). The aim was to provide tasty vegetarian food that could be enjoyed in a relaxed surrounding. The first restaurant was opened in Switzerland but today their London Branch, located near to Piccadilly Circus, is proving popular with Londoners. The philosophy is still the same - to provide vegetarian food that is healthy, organic and tastes delicious.

When you arrive at Tibits the staff will ask you if you have been there before, or will gauge your level of experience by the confused look upon your face. At the centre of the restaurant is the “food boat”, the main innovation that has been transplanted from the Hiltl restaurant. The food boat is a long ovaloid “boat” with all of the dishes which you can help yourself from. In the morning there is a selection of breakfast goods - fresh fruits, bread and muesli. For lunch and for dinner there are appetizers, around thirty-five homemade salads, snacks with dips and hot daily specials. When you are done selecting what you want you take your plate to the counter where the plate is weighed and you pay per 100g. The prices change ever so slightly, with the cheapest time being breakfast and the most expensive being dinner. If weighing your food is not your thing there is also a selection of sandwiches and soups that are at a fixed price.

As well as the food boat, Tibits specialises in freshly squeezed juices that it produces on site throughout the day. There is also a wide range of teas & coffees, as well as an extensive wine list.

Tel: 0207 758 4110 
Address: 12-14 Heddon Street, off Regent Street, London W1B 4DA 
Tube: Piccadilly Circus 








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