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Tintagel Castle is a gaunt ruin standing on a headland on the windswept cliffs of North Cornwall. The name is derived from the Cornish Din Tagell, Fortress of the Narrow Entrance. The whole area is steeped in atmosphere, and mystery and legends abound. The most famous legend associated with Tintagel Castle is that it is believed to be the birthplace of King Arthur. 

The constant pounding of the sea has caused much erosion of the mainland and the castle is now only accessible by crossing a narrow bridge and climbing up some steep steps. Access to the castle is reached only after climbing to the top of these steps. The ground in the vicinity of the castle consists of a mixture of grass, gravel, cobbles and flagstones. There are many changes in level and the surfaces are very uneven. 


Tintagel Castle

To reach the castle it is necessary to park in Tintagel village and either walk or take the Land Rover service down to the castle. This service is only available from April to September. 

For those requiring refreshment after the long climb, the extensively refurbished Beach Café is located near the castle. The cafe serves a selection of hot and cold snacks and light meals sourced from the local Cornish produce. 

There is also a well-stocked gift shop selling books, toys and Arthurian legend themed souvenirs.

Because of the nature of the terrain a visit to Tintagel Castle is difficult for disabled visitors. However, the walk from St Materiana's Church at Tintagel on the Coastal Footpath to the Castle is suitable for walkers and wheelchairs alike, and ends close to the Inner Walls of Tintagel Castle. The national Trust has also provided an area beside the church at Glebe Cliff where parts of the castle can be viewed. 

For the adventurous there are 2 tunnels running under the castle to be explored. The larger of these is known as Merlin’s cave. 

The nearby village of Tintagel is typical of the area with most of the cottages being built from the local stone. There are a number of souvenir type shops to browse, selling arts and crafts and mystical goods associated with the legend of Tintagel Castle, Camelot and King Arthur. 

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