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The most southerly city in England, Truro in Cornwall is a very attractive town that has been in existence for many centuries, and retains much of the charm built into it over the years.

Easily accessed by road, Truro also has a direct rail link to London Paddington Station and is therefore simple to get to. The town is dominated by the outline of Truro Cathedral, a stunning gothic revival creation built around the turn of the 20th century, and by the many typical Georgian buildings that remain throughout the town.


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For those looking for more fun the city has become established as one of the nightlife centres in the county, and has many fine bars, pubs and restaurants to keep visitors happy. In terms of shops there is a thriving indoor market along with many modern department stores and chains, all of these offset by a wide selection of quirky and interesting local shops that have much to offer the tourist.

Royal Cornwell Museum
Cornwall’s oldest museum has many historical displays of the industrial background of the area, as well as geological and archaeological displays.

Truro Cathedral
This Gothic church was built in the 16th century. The stain glassed work and the organ are highlights of a visit here.

Lemon Street Art Gallery
This upmarket gallery displays some good contemporary pieces.

Lemon Street Market
A quaint area to browse craft shops, cafes and other shopping delights.



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