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One of the most challenging and dramatic mountains in Wales, Tryfan offers a tough but rewarding trek and scramble to its summit. Located in Snowdonia there are two routes up this peak, commonly known as easy and hard. Part of the Glyderau Mountain Range, Tryfan is located in the Ogwen Valley and is 915 metres high.

One of the classic routes up Tryfan is via the North Ridge, over to the Glyder Mountains and down through the Devil’s Kitchen. This is a serious hike and not for inexperienced walkers. Car parking is along the A5 and the walk starts with a short hike to the start of the steep crags forming Tryfan. From here the Heather Terrace Path which forms the trail towards the summit is a straightforward way up. There is a sharp scramble before the summit.

If you miss the start of Heather Terrace either deliberately or not, you will end up scrambling up a scree slope on the North Ridge which is the hard way up and to the left of Bristly Ridge. At the summit look out for the famous cantilever rock jutting out into the sky and get your photo taken if you dare. Try jumping across the Adam and Eve rocks which mark the summit. From the peak you cross over to Glyder Fach and Glyder Fawr, also known Welsh Mountain Peaks. The views across Snowdonia are breathtaking.

For a descent some people take the path down to Capel Curig. Another option is to cross the Glyders and descend towards the Devil’s Kitchen. After a steep descent you will arrive at the rocky cliffs of the glacially formed Kitchen, with steam vapour coming from the sides like a mist as the water hits the rock face, hissing like a cauldron. A dramatically beautiful place and the walk past Llyn Idwal at the end of the hike is stunning. This is a classic walk in one of the most beautiful parts of Wales.  




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