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The UK is far more diverse than many foreigners may believe. From cosmopolitan cities right through to the remote and outstandingly beautiful Highlands of Scotland and everything in between. In fact, there’s more to this country than you could ever expect to include in a couple of weeks’ worth of holiday.  

UK Itineraries

Capital Cities 
To gain a good appreciation of all four of the countries that make up the United Kingdom, why not consider visiting the capital cities. Start off in London for a few nights, take the train west to Cardiff; then northeast to Edinburgh. Once you are ready to head to Northern Ireland, a quick and cheap domestic flight would be ideal. Take a final flight back to London.  

Historical UK 
To really get a chance to soak in some of the great historical sites of interest in the UK, your tour should definitely start in London. Then you may wish to hire a car and head west into Wiltshire and to Stonehenge. After this, travel to the old Roman city of Bath which dates back many centuries. If you have time, a trip to Warwickshire and Stratford-upon-Avon will be worth the effort as you will be in William Shakespeare’s hometown. 

Bonny Scotland 
Start off in Scotland’s largest city - Glasgow. Then head north towards the quaint Scottish town of Fort William. Spend a good few days driving around the Highlands: taking in the stunning scenery and idyllic tranquillity. Continue north to Inverness which lies beside the world-famous Loch Ness. Aberdeen - the Granite City - is worth a visit as you head back south along the east coast of the country. Save the very best till last and finish your tour in the capital of Edinburgh. 

The English Riviera and Cornwall 
The southwest of England is reputed to be the most popular tourist destination in the United Kingdom. The weather does tend to be at its mildest here and the countryside is quintessentially British. Why not take the train from London Paddington and head for the West Country? Travel to the counties of Devon and Cornwall and it should be well worth the journey.  

A Welsh Dream 
Wales may not be the largest country of the UK but it definitely has plenty to offer any avid tourist. Start a tour off in the capital, Cardiff and then head west to the second city - Swansea. Then travel north to Aberystwyth which will give you a good idea of a typical Welsh fishing community. Then aim for the north coast of Wales and to Conwy and Llandudno. This will give you the perfect insight into this beautiful and unique country. 

The UK Accent Tour 
Now this tour will be fun and very interesting - taking in some of the local accents that are spoken across the country. Start the tour in the city of Glasgow where you will experience the West Country accent. Then head to Birmingham for the Black County accent. Next, on to Leeds for a taste of the Yorkshire dialect. After, head west, over the Pennines, to Manchester. Here you will experience the Mancunian accent and then continue west to Liverpool for the Scouse accent. If there’s time head into Wales for a totally unique encounter with the accents of Britain. 

The Most French Portion of the UK 
Although connected with the UK, the Channel Islands are able to offer a unique mixture of Anglo-French influences. There are numerous short flights available to the islands of Jersey and Guernsey and some of the most delightful parts of the country await you once you get there.  

As you can see, the United Kingdom is made up of many different types of people, traditions and cultures. The tours that have been set out above are designed to enable you to experience some of the many facets of this historic and cosmopolitan country.






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