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The UK is said to experience one of the world’s most diverse climates. Indeed, when travelling around the country and talking with the locals, you will soon see how often the subject is raised in everyday conversation. In fact, on some days, it is said that you can expect to experience all four seasons of weather in one day and this really is true.  


The western half of the UK receives the majority of the rainfall. This especially so in the southwest of England, Wales, Lake District and Western Isles of Scotland. This also tends to be the mildest side of the country as the prevailing winds come directly off the Atlantic Ocean. The Gulf Stream is a climatic phenomenon that keeps the entire British Isles far milder than they should be, given their northern latitude. In contrast, the east of the country tends to be drier and colder: the eastern side of Scotland can be exceptionally cold during the winter months and East Anglia is the driest area of the UK by far. 

The seasons of spring and summer are a time when you can expect to see any type of climatic condition: be this anything from warm sunshine to an icy blast bringing snow. Winters are generally mild but you can expect to experience several cold snaps throughout each season and this will bring snow to most parts of the country. Everywhere will see snow, on occasions, but the far southwest of England (Cornwall and The Isles of Scilly) see it very rarely indeed. 

Summers are very unpredictable. Yes, the temperatures will be far warmer than the winter but this may be the only indication that you are in this season at times. A good UK summer depends on the establishment of a vast high pressure system over the Azores. Whilst this anticyclone is firmly entrenched, the UK has a great summer. However, this can be an exception and it is not uncommon for Atlantic depressions to continue to pound the islands of Britain throughout the entire year.  

The UK weather is very deceptive. Never trust the weather in the morning to remain the same for the rest of the day. Even if there is scorching sunshine, you may still need to take an umbrella with you for most of the year. Trust the UK weather at your peril!


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