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From haunted hotels and themed bed and breakfasts to quirky houseboats and historical lighthouses, there is an abundance of weird and wonderful accommodations all over the country that offer a really unique and different weekend away. If you’re simply looking for unusual accommodation then a lighthouse will certainly meet your expectations as well as amazing surroundings and vistas, with quirky dimensions and usually nautically themed, they’re especially popular with people looking for an unusual hotel by the coast.

If you’d rather be actually on the water than a houseboat is what you’re looking for, you can combine the comfort of self catering accommodation with a boat holiday and enjoy the best of both worlds.



Many people love staying in haunted hotels and other haunted accommodations because they combine the fun and excitement of a ghost hunt with your overnight stay, and many haunted hotels also offer ghost hunting packages and haunted weekends that include a night of exploration and history of the building as well as your stay. Fancy the idea of staying somewhere with lots of history but not the scary parts, then staying in a castle hotel for a weekend break will be the perfect choice of unusual accommodation, bursting with history and often opulence, castle hotels will exceed your expectations.

If you love the idea of staying in unusual accommodation but don’t quite fancy something so extreme, perhaps staying in a boutique bed and breakfast or a themed hotel will suit your preferences, as they offer unusual accommodation without being too over the top. When booking your weird and wonderful accommodation it’s important to remember that they’re likely to be more expensive than your run of the mill accommodation, as you’re paying top rates to stay in unusual accommodation. You may also have to book weird accommodation choices quite far in advance due to their popularity, especially if you plan on staying longer than a couple of nights..


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