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Just five miles north of Canterbury is Whitstable, an attractive seaside town in the county of Kent that is famous for, among other things, oysters. The annual Oyster Festival celebrates the particularly fine type of shellfish that is cultivated and fished around the town and attracts many visitors each year.

An ancient town where evidence of civilization from well before the Roman occupation has been found, Whitstable is particularly famed for some highly regarded seafood restaurants and a plethora of excellent pubs and is a popular tourist destination for these and other reasons. Notable attractions include Whitstable Castle and, off the shore, a derelict world war two sea fort that can be visited by boat.


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With the emphasis on the sea and the fishing trade evident, Whitstable also boasts a thriving arts community and the many hotels and guest houses, plus excellent facilities and a wide range of attractions in the area, have boosted its reputation as an excellent tourist destination.

Herne Bay Museum & Gallery, 12 William Street, Herne Bay CT6 5EJ (01227) 367368
The Herne Bay Museum is a modern museum that celebrates the history and heritage of the Victorian seaside resort of Herne Bay, just two miles from Whitstable.

The museum houses a collection of artefacts detailing the town’s development, as well as its association with the Dambusters (the bouncing bomb was tested here) in World War II.

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