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Woburn Safari Park is set within 360 acres of landscaped grounds developed to provide a natural habitat for the many animals that live there. It offers two types of safari: a drive through and a foot safari, both included in the price of admission. 

The drive through safari allows visitors to get close to many animals that are considered to be an endangered species. Most of the enclosures are themed to reflect the animals’  natural environments. For example there is the plains area where North American bison and horses roam, the savannah, home to rhino, zebra, buffalo and giraffe. In addition to these are the carnivore areas housing lions, tigers, wolves and bears, and the forest enclosure which is Europe’s largest and most diverse primate reserve. To add to the safari experience CDs are available giving firsthand information about the animals, the people who look after them and stories from the Park. 

Woburn Safari Parks

The drives take approximately one hour and visitors can repeat them as often as they wish.

For safety reasons convertible cars are not allowed access into the following enclosures, tigers, bears and wolves, the lion park and the monkey jungle. Motorcycles are not allowed anywhere in the park. 

Dogs are not permitted in any area of the Safari Park and kennels are not provided. 

After enjoying the road safari visitors can walk at their leisure through the foot safari. This takes in animals such as lemurs, penguins, monkeys, lorekeets, wallabies, sheep, goats and many more.

This area of the park contains a restaurant and many food kiosks selling ice cream and light refreshments. 

As well as the animals, Woburn Safari Park has a number of activities available. For the children there is the Mammoth Play Ark. This is an indoor soft play area for children of all ages. There is a separate under 5's soft play area. 

For all the family there is the Great Woburn Railway which tours around parts of the park and the Tree Tops Action Trail which are wooden tree top walkways. 

All of the facilities are accessible to wheelchairs although there are some steep gradients in places. Wheelchairs are available for hire, free of charge. 

To help remember the visit to Woburn Safari Park there is a gift shop selling souvenirs.

Contact Details: 
Woburn Safari Park 
Woburn Park 
Milton Keynes 
MK17 9QN 
Tel: 01525 290 407 


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