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The Walnut Tree
Where, you say? Any true foodie already knows this place and if they have not been there, then it surely must be on their list. I went several times, many years ago when Franco and Ann still owned and ran the place, and when despite the name, Italian fare was the order of the day. Then it went through a slump with an owner who had no direction – or perhaps who thought more of himself than of the legacy he had taken on – and it made me sad. So imagine my joy when just last year, under the guidance of Shaun Hill, it received a Michelin star.

The food is not simple, but it’s beautifully simplistic, if that makes sense. The ingredients themselves are so pure you can taste each, and yet the combinations made from them is not something you or I would likely imagine, let alone succeed in turning into something so sublime. Pray you are blessed with an amuse bouche and that it is something contrived from fresh Stilton or some combination of spinach and ricotta. The décor is simple yet sophisticated, much as the food, but to enjoy a meal here you will need to both book in advance and show up on time. Meg Via


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