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There are four main ways to arrive into the United Kingdom. By air, by sea, by land across the border from the Republic of Ireland , or by train, through the Channel Tunnel.

UK arrival

By air is much the same as any westernised nation, and all the major airports are efficient, clean, and well organised. They have good links to the cities they serve, and most provide a good choice of airport hotels, currency exchange, and other services. Be aware that both London Heathrow and Gatwick have more than one terminal (five in the case of Heathrow), so if you are being met, and when you are heading back to depart, you need to know which terminal you will travel through. There is some distance between them, and it can take half an hour or more to change if you get it wrong.

If you are arriving by sea, the customs and immigration procedures are much the same. If you're travelling as a foot passenger on a ferry, a cruise ship passenger or using the Eurostar trains through the Channel Tunnel, the process will eventually deliver you to the arrivals hall, just as at the airport. If you are coming on the car ferry with a vehicle you will need to ensure you also have all papers for the vehicle too, and that it conforms to British regulations. You also need to ensure you do not have in excess of the permitted amounts of restricted or taxable items.

These limits and regulations are reviewed regularly, so it is advisable to check the most up to date information with the official UK Border Agency site which includes allowances, regulations, applications and requirements regarding visa's, and just about anything you would need to know.

Crossing the road borders from the Irish Republic to Northern Ireland is a straightforward process at the roadside control point on the border, as long as you again have your papers, and documents for any vehicle you are taking in order.

All the border agencies are extremely security conscious, and very alert to any form of smuggling. They have an extremely high detection rate, the most sophisticated equipment in the world, and the power to stop and search anyone and any vehicle. In the most basic terms, don't take any chances, as you will almost certainly get caught, and penalties are severe.
You cannot bring animals into the UK without arranging quarantine for six months, due to the threat of rabies. That includes pets and small animals. Again, there are severe penalties if you attempt to smuggle any animals.


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