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The Green House

If being kind to the environment is your thing, then The Green House ticks all the boxes.

This charming boutique hotel boasts lots of organic, locally-sourced food, complimentary apples and a whole host of other eco-friendly ideas.

Located close to the beach and less than 10 minutes from Bournemouth town centre, The Green House must rank as one of the most environmentally-friendly hotels in the country.

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Unlike many similar resorts, Bournemouth doesn't have a long and interesting history to draw people. Two hundred years ago it was just a pleasant but empty area of land, when a local squire decided it would make a good place for a summerhouse.


Slowly it expanded, and when the trend to seaside holidays came with the arrival of the railway, the town was perfectly poised to capitalise. Nowadays its long sandy beaches, pretty gardens, and the obligatory pier, brings thousands to its mild climate each summer. The theatres and restaurants do brisk business, and it is unashamedly a seaside resort and no more. The sheltered waters attract a youthful element, and a new artificial reef for surfers is currently being built.


Boat trips are popular, especially to visit Brownsea Island in the middle of nearby Poole Harbour . It is here that Lord Baden-Powell led the first camping expedition for what was to become the Boy Scout movement.

Bournemouth Beach
Always the highlight of a seaside town is the beach and Bournemouth’s beach is no exception. Seven miles long, very clean and patrolled in Summer makes it ideal for families.

Located next to the Bournemouth Pier, has recreated many marine habitats from around the world to teach all about the mysteries of marine life .

Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum
Here you will find Victorian art and sculpture as well as international displays, with the highlight being the Japanese art works.

Pier to Pier Walk
This is an ideal way to get the real seaside feel of Bournemouth. From Boscombe pier to Bournemouth Pier takes in the sea and the famous promenade.

Bournemouth Gardens
These lovely gardens are divided into three sections, lower, central and upper. In Summer the gardens are filled with attractions, activities and music.


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