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Whichever direction you approach from, you are teased into the treasures to come by the sight of the magnificent 235 feet high tower of Canterbury Cathedral . It's the sight that has greeted pilgrims since the martyrdom of Archbishop Thomas Becket in the Cathedral in 1170, although there has been a settlement here since pre-Roman times.

The city centre is not large. The medieval city walls lie on roughly the same plan as the original Roman design, and the main street has not moved in 2000 years.

Canterbury hotels

Inside the walls is a labyrinth of tiny streets, with half-timbered buildings sitting at all angles. The remains of the Norman castle lie somewhat remote from the rest of the attractions, but around the cathedral are the historic buildings of Palace Street , and the elaborate Buttermarket just outside the cathedral gates. Inside the hallowed grounds the Cathedral itself towers above, with ornate and imposing architecture. At the far end are the remains of St Augustine 's first cathedral and monastary, built after his arrival as the Pope's envoy in 597AD.

Chaucer's ‘Canterbury Tales', written in the 14 th century, are remembered in a small but interesting tourist attraction nearby. You can take a walk through a mock up of the route the pilgrims would have taken, and experience the sights, sounds, and smells, of those interesting times.

Canterbury Cathedral

This Majestic Gothic church has 1400 years of Christian history to its credit. The monuments and architecture draw a picture of all the bloody battles that wreaked havoc here. The medieval tombs of kings and Princes are fascinating and the church also marks the place where Archbishop Thomas a Beckett was murdered.

Outdoor highlights here are the Bell Harry Tower and the Christ Church Gate. (01227 762 862)

Canterbury Roman Museum

This museum gets up close and personal with its history as it is located within the archaeological ruins under the streets. It is a hands on Roman history lesson with interactive exhibits and displays. Located in Butchery Lane. (01227 785 575)

Museum Of Canterbury

Past and present legends, both famous and infamous are talked about here, from St Thomas a Becket, to Joseph Conrad and many modern celebrities as well. A delightful history of the Rupert Bear will please all age levels. (01227 767 345)

St Augustine’s Abbey

Although this abbey is in ruins it is one of the most significant religious centres in England. (01227 767 345)

Canterbury Tales

Here Canterbury’s favourite son, Geoffrey Chaucer, has his famous characters come to life. (01227 479 227)


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