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I possibly have a different reason for loving this castle than other tourists might: I love anything on, near or around the charming and exquisite River Wye. Chepstow Castle to others is revered for possessing the oldest remaining example of Norman fortification in the whole of the UK, dating back to 1067 and William the Conqueror, but to me it is memorable both because of the way that it is stair-stepped along the banks of the Wye, giving it a completely different shape and outlook from other Castles of this time period and indeed of most; and for the fact that it does have great information signs posted throughout that give historical perspective and background every step of the way.

In honesty, aside from Cardiff Castle, which holds a special place in my heart, the informational resources on site at Chepstow are possibly the best in the region. So whether you’re just in it for the view, or a history buff who wants to absorb every detail, this is a place that is truly worth visiting. Meg Via



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