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Tintern Abbey
Set on the beautiful River Wye, there is nothing not to love about the shapely ruins of Tintern Abbey. Not what I expected on my first visit – and perhaps then jaded because I could never stand Wordsworth or his bloody poem – I have since returned and learned to love this place for what it represents and for the detail of some of the architectural features that still remain. Looking up at the carvings that surround the windows, it is amazing to think that such small examples of workmanship remain un-weathered when the roof itself has long been absent. I suppose before I ever came here first, I somehow believed the inside would still be more intact, but in fact there is no inside at all to speak of, with the walls standing freely and covering green grass rather than floor. But somehow the fact that you can enjoy the beauty of these remains whilst also simultaneously taking in the beauty of the surrounding Welsh countryside makes it all the more spectacular. For me, one does not require anymore than 45 minutes to 1 hour to take it all in, but it is well worth the stop if in this part of the world. Meg Via




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