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It may not have the reputation of French cuisine, of the choice of beer and wine that you would find in Germany , but the better British restaurants certainly hold their own against the best in the world. Amongst the more traditional fare that should be tried, are roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, a ploughman's lunch, and fish and chips. 

The standard, dark, home brewed English beer, commonly called ‘bitter', is sold in pints, or half's. It can be quite strong, and catch you out if you're not used to it, so take it easy until you have the measure of its potency.

As with most places, the cost of food and drink varies wildly, depending on the establishment you choose. Most have menus with prices outside so you avoid a nasty shock. Find time during your stay to seek out a traditional style English tea-shop, and spoil yourself with a ‘cream tea'.
ional fee of £20.00 for using a debit card: yes that was ‘debit’ and not ‘credit’! 


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