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The Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland

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Although Northern Ireland is not generally high on the tourists list, it does have a lot to offer. Cities such as Londonderry and Belfast are becoming increasingly popular since ‘the troubles' subsided, and the area around Lough Erne has a wealth of historical sites relating to the early Celtic and Christian peoples.

On the north coast is one of the most amazing geological sites in the United Kingdom . The Giant's Causeway is made up of thousands of polygonal basalt columns, formed by some subterranean event around 60 million years ago.

They are, in effect, massive crystals which have been forced to the earths surface, and slowly worn by the elements ever since. There is a well-marked path from the visitor centre that takes you to the Grand Causeway, but explore further and you'll find the most spectacular formations such as Chimney Point, and Runkerry Cave .



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