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To me, Raglan is yet another great excuse to enjoy the scenery in this part of the world. Carrying on along what some call "Castle Row" or the "Castle Tour" of Wales, you will find Raglan after leaving Chepstow on the M4 headed West, and then traveling North up the A449 toward Monmouth and one of my favourite places on earth, Abergavenny. Castle aficionados will say that Raglan should be enjoyed as part of the historic Castle tour of Wales because of its authentic and original Tudor style, and its history in the line of such notables as Henry VII.

For me it is simply another part of a beautiful day out in Monmouthshire , as the castle itself – at least to me – does not offer the depth or reason for prolonged exploration that others such as Chepstow do. I read before my first trip there that someone said they had spent a day, but in reality in all of the trips I’ve taken there with guests, we’ve never spent more than an hour. Well worth a visit, as is the entire area, but for me not really the absolute ‘must see’ in this part of the world. Meg Via


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