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If you have visited a UK attraction, restaurant, hotel or done some activity in the United Kingdom why not write a quick review. The reviews bring our more factual information to life. Eguide writers focus on trying to be very fair and descriptive and not making judgments. But when we review we can let rip and invite others to help us with that.

And don't forget eGuide is all free so a little help is much appreciated.

Share your experiences with others. All part of the travel experience. And fun to come back to one day and read what you said. It only takes a few minutes and you do not have to sign on to anything!

So just write a few words and put your name (or pen name) and the date you visited at the end of your words. And just drop it into an email and we will do the rest.

Reviews can be sent direct to the editorial team by using this email:

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