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The Old Course
The day my Scottish boyfriend told me that we were going to meet one of his best friends and his new wife for lunch at the Links Clubhouse at St. Andrews, I have to tell you that I was less than overjoyed. Not being a fan of golf, I had assumed that what was meant to be my nice Sunday afternoon alone was about to turn into a testosterone fueled homage to chasing balls with clubs. How wrong I was. This place has nothing to do with golf.

Okay, it has everything to do with golf, but that isn’t the point. The point is the history. It’s so over-whelming and so all around you that there is absolutely no way for it not to affect you, no matter how golf-averse you may be. The game was born here and has been played here for over six centuries. And it is not as though it has only become popular in modern times, as in 1457 King James of Scotland banned golf because he felt that it was distracting young men from archery practice. That one simple fact, as explained to me by this lovely old man with the heaviest Scottish brogue, was the thing that for me connected the dots. We have all been doing this one thing for six centuries. Then as now there were women moaning because their husbands were off chasing balls with sticks. Meg Via

The Links Clubhouse, The Lounge
If you have a person in your life who loves golf and you want to do something special for them – make them feel as though they are experiencing heaven on earth – book them a tee time on one of the courses (well in advance) take yourself shopping and then arrange to meet them for dinner or drinks back at the Lounge at The Links Clubhouse. Only open since 1995, and the first facility to be open to the public, it is a large building with a multitude of windows, allowing views across both the old course and the new, depending on which way you look. Before you get romantic images of old world charm, however, be warned: this is still the lounge of a clubhouse on a golf course (s), so though the atmosphere is not fancy and is very much meant to cater to the crowd it draws, the food is good an reliable, and the bar has an unbelievable (or perhaps believable since this is Scotland) assortment of truly fine whiskies, as well as a really decent wine cellar. As I said – they cater to the crowd they draw. Meg Via



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