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Famous as the birthplace of one William Shakespeare, Stratford-upon-Avon is a beautifully preserved and delightful town. Take a walk around streets of the town centre, and you will discover picturesque half-timbered buildings, rose clad cottages, and all manner of reminders of the days when Shakespeare was just beginning to put pen to paper. The river just adds to the beauty, and the nearby theatre has regular performances of the bard's plays.

The Birthplace Museum is perhaps not so interesting unless you're a real fan, although the house itself gives a good impression of life in those times.


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A few miles to the north is Warwick , with its medieval town centre, and one of the largest castles in Britain . It is a tiny town, but very impressive, and with a good number of interesting and unusual building crammed in a small area. Lord Leycester's Hospital was established in the days of Elizabeth I as a home for old soldiers, and is a marvellous example of timber buildings from that period.

The castle itself is now owned by the Madame Tussauds waxworks company, and each area of the huge castle is set up to reflect a different period in its history. There are scenes from St John preparing to head off on the Crusades, a Victorian dinner party, and even a ghostly tale in the haunted tower. The overall effect is first rate, and you have to watch out, as its quite common to add some real actors amongst the dummies to catch you out!

Royal Shakespeare Theatre
This 1500 seat theatres season runs from April to November, and in those months usually 5 of the bard’s plays are acted here by the Royal Shakespeare Company.  Prior reservations for all performances are strongly recommended. (01789 403 444)

Holy Trinity Church
Shakespeare’s final resting place is here along with other members of his family. The tombs are inside the church, near the alter. The gardens and its position along the river Avon make it a lovely place to walk around.

Shakespeare’s Birthplace
Located in the town centre, this famous house dates back to the early 16th Century. William Shakespeare was born here on 23rd April 1564 and died on his birthday 52 years later. The house tells the story of his life in Stratford.

Shakespeare’s Centre
How could a town that is so famous for one man not have a centre dedicated to his life and works. Located next door to his birthplace and opened 400 years after the Shakespeare’s birth

Anne Hathaway’s Cottage
Located 1mile from the township is the house of Shakespeare’s sweetheart and wife. This delightful thatched cottage provides a true representation of life in Shakespearean times. The garden and orchard are lovely as well.












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