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Great Britain is not difficult to navigate, and distances are not great. The longest single journey you can make, from the northern tip of Scotland to the south western peninsular of England , is only around 850 miles. Rail and coach networks are good, as are the motorways if you are driving yourself.

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There are a number of different train operators, depending on where your journey takes you. Always ask for the best deals for your particular trip, and book in advance if you can, as that way you'll get the cheapest offers. Train travel can be quite expensive, so coaches make a more economical alternative. Most major towns and cities are linked by a reliable coach network, but be sure to reserve a seat before you travel. For local travel, busses are generally cheap and regular.

If you are staying in an area, or making more than one journey, ask about travel cards that give unlimited travel for a set period. In London , the cards give travel on both busses and the Underground service.

Car hire is widely available, and reasonably priced, although bear in mind that fuel costs are the highest in Europe . Traffic drives on the left. The roads are generally good, but can get very congested around the major cities. Avoid driving into the centre of London unless you absolutely have to. There is a daily charge to do so, and parking is horrendously expensive and difficult to find. 

If you are travelling greater distances, then it can save time, and be fairly comparable in price, to fly within the UK.  

To and from Ireland , there are regular ferries from Wales and Scotland across the Irish Sea . Ferries also connect to the Channel Islands , and the many other islands around the coast. The weather can disrupt these, particularly in the winter, so wrap up warm, and don't plan your schedule to tightly.



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