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Yarmouth is a small town on the Isle of Wight

Dimbola Lodge Museum
The famous portrait photographer, Julia Margaret Cameron lived here and a lot of her works were carried out in this lodge. Today her trust operated the museum and you    can see many of her famous portraits. Located in Terrace Lane. (01983 756 814)

The Needles
These rock formations are in the Isle of Wight. There were once 4 needles but now only three. There is a lighthouse here as well as spectacular views.


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Needles Park
This park overlooks the needles. It has many rides and attractions with highlights being the chairlift, that delivers the best views of the Isle of Wight, and the sand shop, where you can view no less than 21 shades of sand. Located 5 miles from Yarmouth.
(0870 458 0022)

Yarmouth Castle
The last of Henry VIIIs castles, which finished construction two years after his death in 1547. There are displays here of the many shipwrecks that occurred of the coast here. Located in Quay Street. (01983 760 678)




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